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@SherbertShoes said:

To clarify I'm playing skyrim special edition on xbox one and for some reason the cheat room mod just up and vanished

Bethesda removed it, we have to wait.


@HalfCyrodHalfRaGada said:

@AukeKobes said:

Instead of a remake, why not a game set in Cyrodell following the events of Skyrim, not a numbered ES game obviously, just a followup to both Oblivion and Skyrim. Iam interested what happened to that town i helped getting started in Oblivion.
I agree with all of this. Something to tide us over until TES VI would not be bad. Except there are mods that are about to come out that already do this. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is in open beta stage. Once it's completely done they'll be porting to XB1. That said, I would not be against a BGS official release either. Kind of like a New Vegas TES game inbetween Skyim and VI.

I doubt i be able to play that mod, i have the game on PS4...I just wished Bethesda would throw us all some DLC for Skyrim SE and Sony actually be realy for the players. (No i do not switch to PC)

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